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Our Mission

SolarFarmAccess (SFA) is combining solar energy with blockchain technology. We’re sharing renewable energy benefits with our community while building a better future for all.

SolarHeads Collection

A PFP (Profile Picture) collection of 2,750 NFTs building community.
Coming together to innovate the world - one SolarHead at a time.

SolarPass Collection

SFA Black Pass
Solar-Powered Mining
We're changing the way people view and interact with cryptocurrency by powering future mining rigs with energy from the sun. SolarPass holders will receive passive rewards from our mining pool through staking their SolarPasses on our website. More details TBA.
SolarPass holders will gain access to our impactful and innovative community. Your SolarPass will grant you access to all future solar farms, generate sustainable passive rewards, and directly contribute to a green energy project. Join our journey and grow with us as we support the world's transition into clean energy!
Ecosystem Restoration
Protecting our environment is a top priority for SFA. We're planting native wildflowers and grasses underneath our future solar panels to save the bees, improve soil health, and protect wildlife.
Proceeds from our project are going into the construction and expansion of solar farms within the United States. By supporting SFA, you are directly investing in a green energy project and a more sustainable future!
SFA is home to a growing organic community of eco-conscious Web 3.0 enthusiasts who aren't afraid to think outside of the box. We're focused on giving back to our community though educational content, free AirDrops, networking opportunities, and much more. We want you to grow along with us and are always supporting our community to maximize their human potential.
What is a SolarPass?
Plus White, icon
A collection of 5,000 SolarPass NFTs delivering world-class utility to holders. Owning a SolarPass gives you full access to SFA’s entire ecosystem of products, services, and community benefits. Mint Here
Solar-Powered Crypto Mining
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Energy produced from our off-grid solar farms will be used to sustainably mine cryptocurrencies.

More details can be found on our WhitePaper.
EcoSystem Restoration
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We are working with farmers and environmental engineers to integrate "agrivoltaic" practices at all of our solar farms.

We will plant indigenous wildflowers, grasses, and hemp underneath our solar panels to increase panel efficiency, improve soil and air quality, and to restore ecosystems for native bees, butterflies, and other wildlife.
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SFA is focused on uplifting and growing alongside our community. We’re delivering additional utility through education, airdrops, networking opportunities, and discounts on eco-friendly products and services.

Join SFA's Community as we make a global impact. Come meet the SolarFam on Discord
Long-Term Growth
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Our goal is to grow and expand SFA to unimaginable limits. We are continuously reinvesting revenue from our project to grow our solar farms and increase utility for SFA's community.

Long-term goals include experimenting with solar-powered EV charging, building an in-real-life solar-powered event center, and expanding our solar farm operation to benefit local and virtual communities. Join us in our mission to change the future of energy.


01. Build SFA Foundation
Build SFA Foundation, icon
Launch website & socials, build community, and AirDrop 100 SolarPass - Blacks through Discord, Twitter, and high community engagement.
SFA Black Pass
02. Early Founder's Mint
Early Founders Mint, icon
Release Early Founder's Mint: 500 SolarPass - Blues (Available Now!). All mint proceeds will be reinvested back to grow community, build utility, and prepare for Whitelist and Public SolarPass Mints. Fund allocations can be seen on our Whitepaper.
SFA Blue Pass
03. Release PFP Collection
Refine the Project, icon
Release SolarHeads PFP Collection -2,750 unique profile pictures. Affordable entry. Funds will go back to SFA's community in the form of mint bounties, staking, and project development. Dropping 04/04/2023
Release PFP Collection
04. Whitelist & Public Mint
Mint Access Passes, icon
Release Whitelist SolarPass Mint: 1,000 SolarPass - Greens
& Public Mint: 3,400 SolarPass - Oranges
SFA Orange Pass
05. Solar Farm Development Begins
Solar Farm Development Begins, icon
Develop SFA's first solar farm. A 500kW off-grid solar farm to sustainably mine cryptocurrencies to power our SFA DAO.
06. Ecosystem Restoration
Crypto Mining Launch, icon
Plant native grasses and wildflowers underneath our solar panels to save bees, heal soil, and increase biodiversity. We also plan to grow specialty high value crops like hemp to provide additional revenue to the project.
07. Install Solar-Powered
EV Charging Ports
Install Solar-Powered EV Charging Ports, icon
Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations will be installed at SFA's future solar farms. SolarPass holders will be able to visit and charge their electric vehicles with energy generated by our solar panels.
08. Expand & Disrupt
Expans & Disrupt, icon
Grow solar farm locations throughout the country, increase utility & rewards, and stand at the forefront of the Green Revolution.


the NFT Space


Non-Fungible Token

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) encapsulate proof-of-ownership technology
Stored secure in the blockchain, irreplaceable.
Contracts, Memberships, Tickets, and Much More.
Cutting-edge Digital Infrastructure

Meet our Team



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SFA Manager Sami


SFA Founder and Solar Engineer

SFA Manager Kareem


Business & Creative Operations.

SFA Designer Artemiy

UX/UI Designer

SFA UX/UI Designer & Visual Artist

SFA Cybersecurity Caleb


Cybersecurity specialist

SFA Artist Birruvirel

Digital Artist

PFP & Marketing Artist

SFA Engineer Cole

Restoration Engineer

Restoration Engineer

SFA Collab Manager Amin

Collaboration & Partnership Manager

Collaboration & Partnership Manager

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